8:00AM The Joy of Painting
9:00AM Saved by the Bell
10:00AM Inception
12:00PM Seinfeld
1:00PM Everybody Loves Raymond
2:00PM House
3:00PM Firefly
4:00PM Sons of Anarchy
5:00PM Friends
6:00PM The Simpsons
7:00PM John Wick
9:00PM WCW Monday Nitro
11:00PM Face/Off
1:00AM Walker, Texas Ranger
2:00AM Time Trax
3:00AM 3rd Rock from the Sun
4:00AM Archer
5:00AM Star Trek Discovery
6:00AM Star Trek : Enterprise
7:00AM The Twilight Zone


8:00AM Stargate SG-1
9:00AM Boston Legal
10:00AM Fraser
11:00AM Who Wants to be a Millionnaire
12:00PM The Office
1:00PM Scrubs
2:00PM It’s Always Sunny in Philedelphia
3:00PM Hot Fuzz
5:00PM Malcolm in the Middle
6:00PM Better Call Saul
7:00PM Spider-Man : Homecoming
9:00PM Star Wars Episode IX
11:00PM Whose Line is it Anyway?
12:00AM Game of Thrones
1:00AM American Dad
2:00AM The Transporter
4:00AM The Italian Job
6:00AM Assault on Precinct 13


8:00AM True Blood
9:00AM Prison Break
10:00AM Dark Angel
11:00AM The Cosby Show
12:00PM Home Improvement
1:00PM Documentary TBA
2:00PM Documentary TBA
3:00PM Blade Runner 2049
5:00PM Supernatural
6:00PM Ash vs. Evil Dead
7:00PM Frank’s Fan Favorite #1
8:00PM The Walking Dead
9:00PM Doomsday
11:00PM Reservoir Dogs
1:00AM M.A.S.H.
2:00AM Gotham
3:00AM Ren and Stimpy
4:00AM Land of the Lost
6:00AM 24
7:00AM Buffy the Vampire Slayer


8:00AM Fringe
9:00AM South Park
10:00AM American Dad
11:00AM Documentary TBA
12:00PM Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
1:00PM Arrested Development
2:00PM Flight of the Conchords
3:00PM Hercules : The Legendary Journeys
4:00PM Xena : Warrior Princess
5:00PM Sponge Bob Square Pants
6:00PM The Big Bang Theory
7:00PM Frank’s Fan Favorite #2
8:00PM Scary Movie 4
10:00PM Dexter
11:00PM Stranger Things
12:00AM Uncanny
2:00AM Bio-Dome
4:00AM That 70’s Show
5:00AM Weeds
6:00AM The Wire
7:00AM Doctor Who


8:00AM Eastbound and Down
9:00AM Curb Your Enthusiasm
10:00AM Ancient Aliens
11:00AM Dharma and Greg
12:00PM Documentary : TBA
1:00PM The Martian
3:00PM Hot Tub Time Machine
5:00PM Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
7:00PM 300
9:00PM Crank
11:00PM Rick & Morty
12:00AM How I Met Your Mother
1:00AM Rampage
3:00AM The Fifth Element
5:00AM Heroes
6:00AM King of the Hill
7:00AM Doug


8:00AM Futurama
9:00AM Family Guy
10:00AM Captain Planet
11:00AM Justice League
12:00PM The Real Ghostbusters
1:00PM V for Vendetta
3:00PM Die Hard
5:00PM The Dark Knight
7:00PM The Expendables
9:00PM Saturday Night Live
10:00PM Comic Book Men
11:00PM Manswers
12:00AM The Dick Cavett Show
1:00AM Anthony Bourdain
2:00AM Jurassic World
4:00AM Kong : Skull Island
6:00AM Rocko’s Modern Life
7:00AM Psych